Doctors seeing increase in gaming injuries related to E-sports

Video gaming and E-sports are taking the nation by storm.

Philadelphia is getting a $50 million E-sports arena, the Fusion Arena, and kids everywhere dream of being the next world Fortnite champion.

However, doctors are now picking up more gaming-related injuries, especially on the professional level.

"Overuse injuries of the hand - tendonitis, both of the flexor tendons and the extensor tendons. We look at things like carpal tunnel syndrome. We can also see overuse in the elbow and also in the shoulder," says Dr. Dominic King, an orthopedic specialist at Cleveland Clinic.

Amateur gamers are more likely to have neck and back strains, and eye strain.

The injuries vary depending whether the game's on a console, computer, or virtual reality.

Doctors say don't ignore symptoms.

If you feel any soreness, take a break, walk around, and stretch thoroughly and often.
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