Gas prices up across the Delaware Valley

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, gas prices have significantly increased in the Delaware Valley compared to this time last year.

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania's average gas price was $2.98. In the Philadelphia area, the gas average was $2.96.

Last year, Pennsylvania's average was $2.07. In Philadelphia, this time last year gas was averaging $2.19.

"It cost me over $53 to fill up on regular," said Dennis Barber of Malvern.

In South Jersey, gas is averaging $2.82. Last year it was averaging $1.98.

"It's pretty bad," said Stephanie Parker, who lives in Trenton, New Jersey.

A spokesperson for AAA said at this time last year, crude oil was trading in negative numbers. Now it's over $60 a barrel.

"Demand has gone up, and so crude oil is trading at a higher price now," said Kathleen Zinszer, a AAA spokesperson.

Zinszer said how much prices will increase depends on the price of crude oil and supply and demand.

"Last year at this time I wasn't driving as much. Now that things are starting to open up a little bit, I'm putting a lot more miles on it. I'm certainly noticing the difference in the gas prices," said Dennis Barber of Malvern.

The increase is costing some people who use their car for work so much money that they're trying to minimize how much they use their car.

"I try to stay home, do what I can to try and save up more money," said Chris Ott of West Chester.

Some people Action News spoke with said the increase is impacting their vacation plans.

"I think by the time we do finally get ready to make plans, I wouldn't be surprised if gas is another fifty cents more a gallon, and that will determine just how far we go and what we do for vacation," said Barber.

As gas stations have switched to a summer blend gas and Memorial Day approaches, AAA says gas prices are expected to continue to rise across the Delaware Valley.
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