Cousins make trek from Philadelphia to Houston for George Floyd's funeral

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- George Floyd was laid to rest this week in his hometown of Houston, and among thousands saying their goodbyes were two cousins from the tri-state area who never knew Floyd personally but his death is every bit personal.

"The part that hits home so much is, I'm a mother's boy. To hear him scream out for his mother and then to hear his mother was deceased," Austayne Brown said.

Brown, of Dover, Delaware, and George Smith, of West Oak Lane, are now taking a moment to reflect after driving more than 17 hours from Philadelphia to Houston and surviving a long wait in the heat to view Floyd's body.

"You didn't feel as though you were just waiting in line, you felt as though you were with friends, you were with family," Smith said.

Brown felt compelled to view his body not once, but twice.

"It was the best decision I ever made for multitude of reasons. The people behind me actually grew up with George Floyd," Brown said.

Their initial plan was to just go to the public viewing, but then a fraternity brother came through with an invitation to the private funeral.

"He said be there at 9 a.m. We were there at 8 because we didn't want to risk any opportunity of missing it," Brown added.

Both were asked, "What's the message you want to share with others?"

"Make it your religion, make it your lifestyle to fight against oppression," Smith said.

"If you can, listen to us because even if we're saying it in rage or a way difficult to first to understand then be understood," Brown said.
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