Youth group aims to provide safe workspace hub for students in the heart of Germantown

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Philadelphia 2020 school year is just under four weeks away. But this school year will be very different amid COVID-19.

So, one local group has teamed up with Providence Baptist Church in the heart of Germantown to provide a safe haven workspace hub for families and students.

Haneef Hill, has been a mentor and advocate for local group Urban Youth King's & Queens.

Founded in 2016, Hill and his team focuses on strengthening children in the community by offering programs to help improve their life experiences.

"Talking to a lot of the parents we already have in our network, there's a concern," said Hill. "A lot of parents do not have the ability to stay at home or work from home. Some parents have to make that choice as far as what to do with their child, or what do they do with work."

With virtual learning set in effect, Hill wants students to have a safe alternative space, free with WiFi, educational mentors and help ease some of the pressure for working parents.

"The children staying at home, it affects their social development," said Hill. "They're emotional, so we want to allow kids to still have the opportunity to learn in a safe environment, but still have some type of interaction with other peers."

Also, Hill and his staff are planning a clothing drive to sell donated children's clothing for $1 each item.

The goal: to raise enough funds to fix up the local park across the street to provide a neighborhood baseball program.

Just another way Hill says he's looking to help the youth.

"We really believe in building an all-inclusive program," said Hill. "So we can't offer this to every child, but we can give it to some."
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