Halloween on a Saturday? Why some people want to reschedule the holiday

ByDanny Clemens via WPVI logo
Friday, October 26, 2018
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The Saturday Halloween Movement is petitioning President Donald Trump to move Halloween to a Saturday for safety and convenience reasons.

For many families, trick-or-treating on a weekday evening might not be the most convenient scheduling option. But this year, one group is pushing for change they say will make the holiday more accessible -- and safe -- for everybody.

The Saturday Halloween Movement is just what it sounds like: a movement to reschedule Halloween to the last Saturday every year, regardless of which day of the week October 31 ends up falling on.

The Halloween & Costume Association, the non-profit industry group representing Halloween costume companies that's behind the movement, is petitioning President Donald Trump to move the spooky holiday for good. They cited not only convenience but also safety as a driving force behind the change.

According to HCA, the majority of parents and children don't use glow sticks or light-up accessories and choose not to carry flashlights while trick-or-treating. They also said trick-or-treaters are more than twice as likely to be fatally struck by a car on Halloween.

Should Halloween permanently fall on a weekend, Halloween festivities could theoretically take place earlier in the day when it's lighter out and safer for kids to be walking through their neighborhoods.

Beyond the safety concerns, the association also cited one major practical reason for moving the holiday: a weekend observance would give revelers more time during the day to celebrate as families wouldn't have to rush to get the party started after school and work during a weekday.

Why is Halloween observed on October 31 while other holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving move around? According to the Library of Congress, Halloween's origins are rooted in various Celtic, Pagan and Christian observances recognizing the end of summer and the change in seasons.