1 in 4 American adults over 50 don't get any exercise

ATLANTA, Ga. (WPVI) -- The CDC reports some surprising new findings about older adults and physical activity.

It's no secret many of us could afford to get more to make our hearts healthier, lift depression, you name it.

But the study says some adults who need it the most aren't getting it.

CDC researchers say as many as 1 in 4 adults, age 50 or older, don't get any physical exercise outside of work.

And the older they got, the less likely they were to exercise.

Women, Hispanics, African Americans and those with chronic diseases were also less likely to be active.

Inactivity can lead to poor health, disabilities and even a shorter lifespan.

Exercise has so many benefits. It helps build muscle, stamina and bone strength.

It can also improve blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Exercise also helps you sleep better and it makes you feel happier.

Plus, as we age, it helps to lower risk for dangerous falls.

To get more activity, it doesn't take a gym membership.

Just take the stairs not the elevator, get off the bus a few stops earlier, park farther away from the store, or try simply standing up when you're watching TV.
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