11-year-old cancer patient freezes ovary

CINCINNATI (WPVI) -- The parents of a young cancer patient made a big decision for their daughter that has a lot of people talking.

Three years ago, when Kayleigh Hogan was 8, she was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy following the removal of a cancerous tumor in her head.

The doctors at Cincinnati Children's hospital suggested ovary removal to preserve Kayleigh's future fertility.

So to make sure their little girl has a chance to one day become a mother, they made the decision to remove and freze one of her ovaries.

Kayleigh's parents say the decision was easy.

"We found out about six months ago that her other ovary that's left in her is damaged," said Kayleigh's mom, Chrtistina Hogan, "so if we wouldn't have done this procedure, there's a good chance she might not be able to have kids later."

Doctors say they have started recommending it as a way to preserve the chance of parenthood in the future.
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