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Every two and half minutes, someone in the United States is told that they have lung cancer, and every single day 400 people lose their lives to this devastating disease. These startling facts are unknown to many people, making lung cancer a "silent killer." The American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE initiative and Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) are partnering during November's Lung Cancer Awareness Month to rally support and action to combat this deadly disease. Read the press release.

Join Emil Abramian, MD, interventional pulmonologist & critical care physician,along with Shayma Master Kazmi, MD, RPh, medical oncologist and hematologist-oncologist, from Cancer Treatment Centers of America for a LIVE Web Chat November 14th @4pm. Submit your questions below.

Emil Abramian, MD
Director of Interventional Pulmonology & Critical Care Physician
CTCA Philadelphia

Dr. Emil Abramian, Director of Interventional Pulmonology & Critical Care Physician, values the time he has to demonstrate the Mother Standard of care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA). "I approach every patient as if they are family," he says. Continue reading.

Shayma Master Kazmi, MD, RPh
Hematologist-Oncologist & Medical Oncologist
CTCA Philadelphia

As a medical oncologist and hematologist-oncologist at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) in Philadelphia, Dr. Shayma Master Kazmi individualizes each patient's treatment plan to fit their specific needs. Dr. Kazmi focuses on the treatment of thoracic malignancies such as lung cancer and head and neck cancers and also extensively treats breast cancer. Continue reading.

Lung cancer is misunderstood:

Myth: Lung cancer rates are trending down for everyone.

Fact: While rates of lung cancer among men have fallen in the last 41 years, the rate of women dying from lung cancer has increased 87%. According to the American Lung Association, however, only 3% of women consider lung cancer a top-of-mind cancer concern.
Myth: Everyone who gets lung cancer is a smoker.

Fact: Radon - a colorless, odorless gas which is quite common in households that aren't well ventilated - is the second-leading cause (after smoking) of lung cancer in the U.S. It's estimated that 1 in 13 homes have unsafe levels of radon gas. According to the American Lung Association, exposure to secondhand smoke, radon, and air pollution are also known causes of lung cancer, and sometimes there is no known cause of lung cancer.

Myth: There is no screening for lung cancer.

Fact: There is a newly available lung cancer screening for those considered at high risk for the disease. Screening leads to early detection of the disease, when there are more treatment options and the disease is most curable.

Myth: Breast cancer kills more people than any other kind of cancer.

Fact: The average 5-year survival for lung cancer is among the lowest of all types of cancer. In fact, lung cancer is the leading cancer killer, killing more people than colon, breast and prostate cancers combined.
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