6abcGetsFit: Staying Motivated

The 6abcGetsFit Challenge continues, but this is the time many people start to lose motivation.

Maybe you've been on vacation or focusing on other things. So today, we have four things you can do to get your motivation back.

I met up with Kiera Smalls and Takia McClendon of City Fit Girls. Their boot camps have inspired many women to get moving, get healthy, and shed extra pounds.

Kiera shed 100 pounds herself a few years ago. To stay motivated, she said the following:

1) If you want to work out in the morning, don't hit snooze.

"Get up, put your feet on the floor, splash some warm water on your face, and get out the door," Kiera said.

"It doesn't allow you time to reconsider or not do your workout."

2) Have an accountability partner.

Enlist a friend to join you, or hit a group fitness class. That way someone is counting on you to show up.

3) Use social media.

You can post your workout plan like Kiera does (@CityFitGirls on Twitter), or look for motivation.

Using #6abcGetsFit @mvalexander on Instagram showed us some healthy produce.

And even our own Rick Williams (@rickwilliams6 on Twitter) was caught pumping iron at the gym.

Kiera tells us, "So many people are working out or just doing something positive and inspiring and it's a really great tool to use."

4) Think positive thoughts.

Kiera says your body achieves what your mind believes.

For more information on City Fit Girls boot camps, visit http://cityfitgirlsblog.com.

And for information on a fitness retreat where you can try different workouts and learn more about nutrition, visit http://cityfitgirlsblog.com/fitretreat-14
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