Activity trackers may not help with weight loss

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WPVI) -- Fitness trackers may seem like an easy way to help you lose weight.

However, a new study says they may not live up to those claims.

The trackers are supposed to chart how much you move, and motivate you to move more.

And that should help you lose weight.

But researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found for some people, they were better off without them.

They followed nearly 500 people all struggling with their weight.

They were put on a lower-calorie diet and told to exercise.

After 6 months, half of the group started wearing fitness trackers to monitor their activity.

After two years, both groups lost weight.

But the ones WITHOUT the trackers lost an average of 5 pounds more.

Some say the devices may lead people to eat more...because they reward themselves for activity.

And there are other theories.

My advice is, if you're trying to lose weight, and you wear a fitness tracker to monitor activity, you should also use an app to track your food and calories.

And keep in mind, it is very difficult to out-exercise a poor diet, so healthy eating is key.
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