Adopt a Pig to help a child with cancer

WILMINGTON, Del. (WPVI) -- You've probably seen one of the sweet, colorful piggy banks painted by a child fighting cancer.

The program is called Adopt a Pig, and it was started by a Chester County family finding a creative outlet to deal with the devastating news.

Rob Amand says, "It didn't start out as we needed something to do while Reagen was going through treatment."

A creative escape through a ceramic piggy bank and some colorful paints is how Rob and then 3-and-half-year-old Reagen Amand would pass the time while she was undergoing treatment for leukemia at Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children.

Today the 13-year-old is a two time cancer survivor, and this is their family passion project.

"There are a lot of kids who can't get out of the rooms because they're just too sick," Rob said.

The Amands first started donating the pigs and the paint. They then started selling some of the children's unique and beautiful creations to raise money.

To date they've raised more than $250,000 - money they spend packing coping kits that A.I. duPont distributes to other families

"Fortunately or unfortunately, we have been through it and we know what they need, and my wife packs each and every one like she would for my daughter," Rob said.

Each kit costs the Amands $1,500 to pack.

Inside, everything from snacks to toiletries, gift cards and electronics.

"An iPad, a travel pillow, blankets coloring stuff," Reagen explained.

Cortney Jones from A.I. DuPont Hospital tells us, "Sometimes it's the first time you get to see a child smile since they have been here and been diagnosed. And for parents, I think they really get to understand that there are other people who have been in their shoes."

Rob and Reagen say their goal is to get the kits in every hospital.

"I don't think there should be a kid in the country or a family that's told 'your child has cancer,' that doesn't get one of these and doesn't get something to help them prepare for wherever that journey may take them," Rob said.

The pigs cost $25 to adopt - and once you fill it up with donations you can send that money into the charity, with the funds going to help pack those coping kits.

For more information on how you can Adopt a Pig, visit:
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