Age Fearless: Pharmacist's role in keeping seniors healthy

A pharmacist can play a vital role in keeping you healthy as you age.

Pharmacist Rob Frankil said, "People think we're just behind the counter putting pills in a bottle, but there's a lot more we do."

For nearly 40 years, Sellersville Pharmacy has gone beyond filling prescriptions.

Rob Frankil's team uses a 3-layer system to check for dangerous drug interactions.

And with older adults averaging 5 or more drugs, he helps them keep dosages and timings straight, especially for those with vision or memory issues.

"We put pills in a medi-planner. We'll fill that whole planner up, put all the meds in there, label it on the back and present it to the patient, either for pickup or delivery, said Frankil."

Patients about to be get out of the hospital can also get prescriptions delivered to their beds.

Lisa Liburd of Independence Blue Cross, says pharmacists are also a wealth of knowledge on which drugs fit into your health insurance.

"Appropriate lower cost alternatives are often an opportunity that most people don't take advantage of," said Liburd, Director of clinical pharmacy.

Frankil added, "A doctor always has a choice of prescriptions to prescribe, but they don't know what they cost."

Pharmacists are also up-to-speed on over-the-counter medications, including those which used to be prescription-only.

"Most people will think that just because it's over-the-counter, it doesn't have any side effects, or you can't take too much," said Liburd.

No time to get to the doctor for an immunization?

Pharmacists can handle that, even for many families with kids.

"It didn't seem like most people knew about that," added Liburd.

Liburd and Frankil agree - next time you run to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, spend a little more time there.

Liburd says "Introduce yourself and say hello, and, just ask questions."
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