Busy brains may perform better

If you keep a very busy schedule and feel like you're always running from one thing to the next, there could be a positive effect.

A new study shows being busy could be good for your brain.

Researchers at the University of Texas studied about 300 people, ages 50 to 89.

They expected to find the ones who reported the busiest schedules to be worse off due to an overload of stress hormones.

But instead, they found the people with the most hectic days performed the best on tests measuring memory, quick thinking and reasoning.

This goes along with other studies that show if you're more active, mentally and physically, it could help prevent dementia later in life.

But on the flip side, being too busy and having too much stress can lead to heart problems.

The goal should be to find a happy medium where you're challenging yourself, but not exhausting yourself.