CDC releases report on NJ flu shot clinic

The CDC has released its report about what went wrong at a corporate flu shot clinic in West Windsor, New Jersey.

Back in October, 67 employees of Oksuka Pharmaceuticals were notified that a nurse who was administering the flu vaccine did not follow proper protocol.

A new report shows on top of re-using syringes, the vaccine was also shipped to the nurse's home.

It was stored in a home refrigerator without monitoring temperature, as per protocol.

The vaccine was also transported in Styrofoam containers that were also unmonitored.

Approximately 17% of adults get their flu shot at their workplace.

The CDC says the vaccine should be shipped directly to the site or transported with a portable refrigerator that monitors temperature.

The contract nurse in this incident gave up her license.

The employees were all tested for HIV and Hepatitis B.