CHOP nurse recovering from kidney transplant thanks to childhood friend

A local nurse who has spent the past two decades helping sick children needed some help himself. He found it in an old friend and is now recovering after a successful kidney transplant.

Adam Hyman, 45, gives a thumbs-up after undergoing a successful kidney transplant. Before the surgery, we caught up with him at DaVita Dialysis Callowhill.

"This is the one thing I never ever thought I'd do, be tied up to a machine for three days a week, for X amount of hours," he said.

But Adam is no stranger to medical centers. At 12 years old he was diagnosed at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with a rare disease called Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome. It causes tumors in the stomach.

He underwent surgery to remove his stomach, and then years later had to have part of his intestines removed.

Despite all this, Adam was an elite runner, completing 38 marathons and many local races raising money for charity including CHOP - where he went back after college, but this time as an oncology nurse.

"It makes me feel good that I am able to give back and because I was once there, I've been there all my life," he said.

Unfortunately, this year his health again took a turn for the worse. His kidneys were failing.

After months of searching for a donor, his childhood friend Michael Green found out Adam needed a kidney. He got tested and was a match.

"I've known him all these years, probably 40 something years. I don't know the exact day we met but just going through school, we had the same group of friends and that same group of friends are all friends today," Green said.

The transplant took place Tuesday and both donor and recipient are doing well. Adam's family reports the kidney is working.

Adam is eternally grateful, but Michael's not comfortable being called a life-saver.

"It was crazy but I'm glad to do it, it was my turn to step up and here we are," he said.
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