Data shows race gaps in COVID-19 infection, death rates

We're getting a clearer look at how minorities are taking the brunt of the pandemic.

The New York Times filed a lawsuit to get the CDC to release information on ethnicity and race. They were able to get data from nearly 1.5 million coronavirus patients in the United States, only about half had that information recorded. But what they found was pretty alarming.

Blacks and Latinos were three times more likely to be infected with COVID-19 and twice as likely to die from it.

In some suburban communities, the rate was even higher for Latino adults ages 40 to 59. And it's not just due to a greater likelihood of underlying medical problems.

Experts said many minorities are at a greater risk for being exposed to the virus. They're more likely to have a front-line job, take public transportation and in some cases live in multi-generational homes, so more people living together means greater risk for exposure.

The information only goes to the end of May so it doesn't account for recent surges.

Policy makers said it's vital to collect the data so we can better protect everyone in the future.
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