Diet Detours: Ballpark food

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All that ballpark eating can really add up, but you don't have to ditch your diet at the game. (WPVI)

Baseball is widely known as America's pastime. And along with the game - traditional ballpark fare, including hotdogs, cracker jacks and even a frosty beverage

All that eating can really add up, but you don't have to ditch your diet at the game.

Many teams are now getting in the game of healthy eating - including the Camden Riversharks.

From burgers to salty French fries to sweet cotton candy and even nachos - the list of unhealthy options at the stadium can detour your diet.

Registered Dietitian Christiana Castillo with Horizon Blue Cross says all that snacking can add up to 1,500 or more.

"You think about all the calories you are having at that one meal alone," said Christina.

But, the Camden RiverSharks are hitting it out of the park with their Healthy Plate concession stand.

"You can actually cut your calories in half," says Christina.

She says the stand is filled with snacks 300 or less that can be swapped for less healthy options.

For instance, nachos.

"Having this whole thing right here is about 500 calories," says Christina.

Instead get the same crunch and dip with pita chips and hummus! With just 200 calories, it's a home run!

Next up, take a look at a regular burger.

"A traditional burger like this doesn't have any condiments on it its already about 4-hundred calories," says Christina.

Instead, swap it out with veggie pita wrap packed with zucchini, mushrooms tomatoes and peppers. Your diet will be safe and it's just 190 calories!

And of course, its not a day at a ball park without a hot dog.

But with over 300 calories and 18 grams of fat it runs your diet off base.

Instead, opt for the chicken sausage.

"The chicken sausage is a lot leaner so you are going to have a lot less fat a lot less sodium," says Christina.

And with just over 190 calories it is a grand slam for your waistline!

The Riversharks also have other healthy options like fruit cups, tofu dogs and even a bag of carrots.
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