Doctor provides insight on how to properly reopen businesses amid COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As the country shifts to recover from the effects of COVID-19, concerns begin to linger amid safely reopening businesses.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently announced that he anticipates Philadelphia and surrounding counties will move into the "yellow phase" of his reopening plane by June 5.

One local doctor and Northeast Philadelphia native expressed his concerns if this process is not done correctly.

"The healthcare impact that can happen from businesses that don't take the necessary steps, you could end up with a significant resurgence of the virus," said Dr. Larry Caplin, CEO and founder of DOCS Health. "At the same time, those businesses are going to expose themselves to significant liability."

DOCS Health, whose headquarters are based in Bucks County, is a progressive healthcare movement with one mission: Provide access to comprehensive healthcare and innovative solutions for schools and corporations around the world.

"For all businesses, regardless of type, they need to put a plan in place," said Caplin. "That written plan should have two primary parts to it. One focuses on the employees, the people that are working for you and the other focuses on your customers, or the people you're going to interact with."

Within those two primary parts, Caplin says his plan consists of breaking it down into three component groups.
Caplin says the first component part focuses on a pre-screen at the door. Secondly, Caplin says a temperature check may rule out anyone who may display signs of a fever.

The third part is an written operational plan, which consist of proper social-distancing measures, and face mask.

By following this plan, Caplin says his employee's morale was instantly noticed.

"We incorporated (the plan) into opening all of our offices across the country, everyone was relaxed," said Caplin. "Our liability went down, our employees are happy and feel safe and comfortable. They know what we're doing here isn't going to negatively impact their families at home."
Recently losing both his father and father in law to COVID-19, Caplin has motivated himself to help others properly fight this fight.

"To have those resources and have had this impact on my family personally, and others within the organization, it's a mission," he said.

Caplin says we can both open up our economy and get our businesses back to where it should be. But we must do it in a way that's safe and healthy.

"They're not mutually exclusive, they can be done at the same time," said Caplin.
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