Doctors: 'Put a lid on your kid' when biking

Reminder: always ride with traffic, not against it
Kids on bicycles are already out on the streets this spring, but there will be even more when school lets out.

Unfortunately, thousands of them will be injured this year in bike crashes.

The single most effective way to prevent injuries is to wear a helmet.

Look for one certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Pediatrician Dr. Gregory Weaver, of Cleveland Clinic Children's says to look for the CPSC logo on the inside the helmet.

The helmet should be tight enough to stay in place, and not move around on a child's head.

And it should have a well-fitting chin strap.

If there's any damage to your current helmet, such as a crack on the surface or inside, it's been involved in a crash, or if your child appears to have outgrown the helmet, replace it.

And make sure everyone knows to ride WITH, not against, traffic.

"Often, we'll think that, oh gosh, it's maybe better to be facing traffic, so you can see the car coming toward you; it actually contributes to more of the injuries to be riding against traffic," says pediatrician Dr. Gregory Weaver, of Cleveland Clinic Children's.

Remember, all cyclists should use hand signals, and stop at all stop signs and red lights.

Dr. Weaver says statistics show most bike-related injuries happen between dusk and dawn, so parents should only allow children to ride during daylight hours.
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