Donations by the pint at Preston and Steve Blood Drive

OAKS, Pa. (WPVI) -- Almost 1,200 pints of blood were collected Saturday at the 10th annual "I Bleed for Preston and Steve" Blood Drive.

Lucas Kane is only 8 months old but technically this is his second "I Bleed for Preston and Steve" Blood Drive.

"I was here last year when I was pregnant - couldn't donate but I was still here to support my husband who did," said Rachel Kane.

Kane and her husband Ryan came to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks to donate as a party of three.

"We could've had a babysitter but we thought it would be cool to come and get pictures with him. We have pictures of her pregnant last year with Preston and Steve so we figured we'd bring the baby and introduce him to the gang," said Ryan Kane.

The blood drive is the main event, but there was plenty of other stuff to do.

People could try some Yuengling's ice cream, donate to Alex's Lemonade Stand and of course, hang out with Preston and Steve.

Loyal WMMR listeners lined up after giving blood to meet the hosts who entertain them on their morning drive.

"It makes us all feel good because it makes you realize that we all live in an area where people are unflinchingly generous. It just makes you humble and everyone smiles," said Steve Morrison, radio show host.

"When they're coming out to do something generous like this, we want to shake your hand and say, 'Thank you so much for coming out and thank you for listening to the show,'" said Preston Elliot, radio show host.

Red Cross officials say this is the region's largest blood drive of the year, with almost 1,500 signed up.

And the timing is no accident.

"The summer months are difficult. People are traveling, they're on vacation so donating blood is not always top of mind. So having a big event like this where it's a lot of fun, people can bring their families and their kids. It's a really good way for people to make time to donate" said Beth Toll, Penn-Jersey Blood Services Region.

Time not just to donate, but to set an example.

"Then she knows that it's important to help other people. People need transfusions for health reasons, there's accidents. I can give blood. I'm healthy, so I might as well," said Jillian Morgan.
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