Effects from childhood obesity can linger into adulthood

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Effects from childhood obesity can linger into adulthood: Ali Gorman reports during Action News at 5pm on November 29, 2017. (WPVI)

Letting weight get out of control early affects kids later
We're learning more about the lingering effects of childhood obesity.

If someone is overweight as a child, the chances of being obese as an adult are much greater.

And according to some new studies, it gets worse as you get older.

A 2-year-old who is overweight has a 79-percent chance of being obese at age 35.

A 19-year-old has a 94-percent chance of this.

Obesity is linked to diabetes, heart disease and many other chronic illnesses.

But changes in behavior-- healthier eating and exercise -- can help a child avoid this fate.
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