Fitness coach offers free virtual programs during National Fitness Day amid COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Saturday marks National Fitness Day, and while fitness gyms are closed due to COVID-19, many individuals are gathering for live virtual classes from home.

Afrobeat Fit is a group that hosts inclusive sweat sessions where music and movement derived from artistes and influencers of Africa. The fit group has hosted over 300 sweat sessions in various metro cities across the globe.

Saturday Afrobeat Fit is hosting an all-day event called "Sweat Weekend," partnered up with other fitness entrepreneurs, wellness coaches, and instructors.

Kemi Omisore, Afrobeat Fit founder

Kemi Omisore, Afrobeat Fit founder, shared the importance this day can bring during troubling times.

"Many people are focused on COVID-19, that we're forgetting the importance of health and wellness," said Omisore. "Sweat weekend we're able to reshape and shine a light on that. Not only fitness health but mental health."

Providing a day full of virtual fitness and mental health programs, Omisore also aims to raise funds for fitness professionals impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

"When I had this idea, I thought about trying to sow a seed into their craft," said Omisore. "So I'm thinking if people have a chance to kind of test the waters out, maybe we can garnish donations and in the future when we kind of get back to normal, there will be like a bump with us supporting those fitness classes."

During the past month, the fitness industry has suffered significant fitness losses. Omisore says, testing these free programs during sweat weekend, people will have the opportunity to go back and take those classes both virtual and live in person.

As many are affected by gym closures during government stay-at-home orders, Omisore said, "Spend time with yourself, be gentle with yourself, take time to process what you've been through in the past two weeks. How you've been impacted add in the mental health piece as well."

A list of programs including class schedules can be found here to join in.
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