Florida shrinks Zika target area, but adds 3 more cases

MIAMI, Fla. -- Meanwhile, the Governor of Florida says the affected area in Miami has been reduced.

The Florida Department of Health (DOH) has cleared an additional four blocks in the Southwest corner of the impacted zone in Wynwood, saying there are no local transmissions in that small section.

But he also said three new cases of locally-spread Zika have been reported in the larger zone.

That brings the total to 25.

Governor Rick Scott says they're confident their efforts are working... To educate the public and get rid of mosquitoes.

But he also continues to blast Congress for not passing federal funds to fight Zika yet.

"I still have outstanding requests that I put into the Obama Administration that I am waiting on and I am disappointed that Congress has not come back to work to deal with this national issue," said Governor Scott.

"The president and Congress must work together to get to a solution for all the families across our nation," he added.