Flu continues to wreak havoc, look out for symptoms

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The flu virus continues to wreak havoc. (WPVI)

The flu virus continues to wreak havoc.

If you get it and are at risk for complications, it's best to call your healthcare provider.

Tell-tale signs of the flu include fever, body aches, chills and fatigue.

And unlike a cold, the flu virus comes on suddenly.

Prescription anti-viral medications can help shorten the duration, but you have to take them within 48 hours of symptoms.

This is especially helpful for high-risk patients.

"If you're somebody who has a chronic medical condition or immuno-compromised, it's particularly important to contact your doctor if you notice signs and symptoms of flu, because the earlier you get started, the better that antiviral medication is going to work," Dr. Susan Rehm of the Cleveland Clinic said.

The flu is spread through the air, so if you're sick, it's best to keep your distance from others.

And of course, wash your hands and cover your coughs and sneezes.
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