'High Flyer' class lets you bounce off calories

GRADUATE HOSPITAL (WPVI) -- If you're looking to turn up your cardio, a new studio in Philadelphia has a fun way to help you bounce off calories.

Registered Nurse Ali Gorman tried the "High Flyer" class at Freehouse Fitness Studio in Graduate Hospital.

Owner Dana Auriemma says the class is designed to get your heart rate up, work your muscles and scorch calories, while also having fun.

"I joke that it kind of feels like a dance party on a trampoline," said Auriemma.

Everyone is on their own mini-trampoline. And instead of springs, it has elastic bungees, which helps make this workout low-impact.

"It's easy on all the joints so all your vertebrae and your spine, your knees, your hips, things like that," said Auriemma.

And although the jumping is high-intensity, you can tailor it up or down to fit your fitness level.

You'll bounce doing different combinations for 35 minutes.

"It's always different, new moves, they switch it up," said a class participant.

Then you'll do 15 minutes of sculpting to round out a full-body workout.

Maura Wynn has been rebounding here for three months, and says she's noticed results.

"I have abs that after two kids I never thought I'd see again so I'm pretty excited and I attribute that a lot to these classes," said Wynn, Graduate Hospital.

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