Human trials for CRISPR gene editing

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Researchers could be closer to editing human genes to help cure cancer and some local doctors may lead the way.

This was a bit controversial in the beginning, but now that some key ethical questions have been answered, many experts say this holds a lot of promise.

On Wednesday, a federal panel approved scientists at the University of Pennsylvania to do the first human test of technology that can alter genes.

That technology is known as CRISPR.

Astra Zeneca created animation seen in the video above. They're one of several companies that plan to use the genetic-editing.

For the study, scientists will remove immune cells and then modify them, and put them back in the body to target and destroy cancer cells.

Penn plans to test it against three different cancers, multiple myeloma, melanoma and sarcoma.

But they still need approval from the FDA and the other medical centers involved.