Machine applies sunscreen with push of a button

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Inventor Kristen McClellan has developed her own sunscreen machine, known as SnappyScreen, which provides full sunscreen body coverage. (WPVI)

After a fair share of sunburns, Kristen McClellan developed her own sunscreen machine, known as SnappyScreen.

"I purchased a spray tanning booth out of a guy's garage and I put it back together in my backyard," says McClellan as she recalls the creation process, "I would learn off of it because I wasn't in engineering school."

She also credits her sister as an inspiration for the machine, saying, "My sister is the most horrible sunscreen applier in the whole world."

With many others failing to apply sunscreen correctly, McClellan wanted coverage with the press of a button. You only need to choose a height selection above or below 5 feet tall, put on throwaway shades, and the base will rotate for coverage in 10 seconds.

McClellan notes, "You can select your SPF 15, 30 or 40," and adds, "we've actually proven full coverage."

"For the whole body of an adult you need a shot-glass size amount of sunscreen," says dermatologist Shirley Chi.

She equates this to four hands full, and as most do not use this amount, she has become a fan of the machine.

SnappyScreen sunscreen is free of alcohol, benzene, and parabens. It is hypoallergenic, UV/UVA broad spectrum and even water resistant. Still Chi says that those with sensitive skin have to be careful of the chemicals which make it clear and sticky for easy coverage.

As with all sunscreens you must wait 15 minutes for it to dry and absorb into the skin to be effective, and you will need to reapply it after going in the water.
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