Many new moms overlook their own care after baby arrives

Pregnancy is filled with doctor visits and careful monitoring.

But more than a quarter of the 12-hundred women answering the new survey didn't have a plan for *their care after the baby arrives.

Nearly half of the women felt anxious, overwhelmed or depressed, and many were embarrassed by the changes in their bodies.

Yet too few reached out to their mid-wives or doctors for help.

One particular issue was breastfeeding difficulty.

New mom Rachael Kobb recalls, "I thought, my mom did it, my sister did it, my cousins all did it. I thought for me, it would just come natural and be this beautiful thing, and instead I had to work really, really hard."

"We're not all born knowing how to breastfeed. the baby also has to learn how to breastfeed as well," says Dr. Megan Gray of Orlando Health, who conducted the survey.

Dr. Megan Gray says women shouldn't feel guilty for carving out time to care for themselves, whether it's for a medical visit or some stress relief, such as exercise or a yoga class.

She says asking for help will actually help them be better moms.
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