Mother of 2nd Ebola patient speaks on GMA

The mother of the second Dallas nurse infected with Ebola spoke to Good Morning America's Robin Roberts.

"She is doing okay. Just trying to get stronger," Debora Berry said.

Berry spoke to Robin Roberts from quarantine, saying her daughter Amber Vinson is in good hands at Emory University Hospital.

Vinson and Nina Pham were both infected while treating Ebola victim Thomas Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian.

Roberts asked about the CDC's new guidelines.

Roberts asked, "Is your family - and really the families of all care givers - a little disturbed that the CDC didn't put this protocol into place sooner?"

Berry answered by saying, "It's concerning, I guess more than anything. I'm so relieved that it's in place now. It should help ensure that no one has to endure what Amber and Ms. Pham had to go through these weeks and their families. It's really difficult."

The guidelines now order healthcare workers to wear protective gear with no skin exposed. Rigorous training must be given - taking that gear on and off. And the process supervised by a trained monitor.

Hospitals also must have an on-site Ebola manager.

Meanwhile in western Africa, there are small signs of progress.

The World Food Program has set up a hub. Tons of food, water and supplies are coming in and going out to more than one million people in the affected countries.

This while more Ebola treatment centers also get up and running, and that is progress, but there is still a long way to go.

More than 4,500 people have died since the outbreak started.

Health experts agree, in order to prevent cases here in the U.S. we have to help stop the outbreak there.
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