New injection could reduce double-chin fat

A new drug that could be a game-changer in cosmetic procedures is closer to reality.

Advisers to the FDA have given thumbs up to an injection that reduces double-chins.

Right now, the fat under the chin has to be removed either surgically or by liposuction.

The new drug, called ATX 101 for the time being, helps destroy the fat under the chin.

Dr. Susan Winkle, a Florida dermatologist who has worked with the drug since 2007, says the injections are made in a grid pattern.

"This is going to be a non-invasive, in the office procedure that can be performed by your dermatologist and excellent results," says Dr. Winkle.

It takes about 5 minutes, and there is some discomfort and bruising, but it's much easier on patients than surgery.

"What's happening is the cell membrane of the fat cell is being irreversibly damaged so that the cell itself just explodes and goes away," said Dr. Steven Davis of Davis Cosmetic Plastic Surgery.

The full FDA is due to vote on ATX 101 in late spring.

Once approved, the company says it could be available in the second half of the year.
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