New technology helps wrinkle filler have longer-lasting effects

There's a new wrinkle filler on the market for anyone planning to freshen their looks for the new year.

The prime advantage of this one is that you won't need to think about those wrinkles again till next holiday season.

Kelli Mullany has a bubbly, happy personality. But others didn't always see that.

"My son was constantly saying, Mommy, why are you frowning? When I wasn't," she said.

After a closer look, Kelli noticed aging lines over her lip.

"And I also had kind of like a sagging look right here," she pointed out.

Over-the-counter products didn't help much.

So cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tim Greco recommended the new filler - Volbella.

"It's FDA approved for the lips, basically the outline of the lips. It's also approved for the body of the lip," he said.

And also for lines around the mouth.

Dr. Greco expects Volbella will also be good for a host of facial trouble spots.

A new technology helps it last longer - up to a year.

"Most fillers that are FDA approved only last up to 6 months," said Dr. Greco.

Yet the price is about the same as others, so in the long run, it should cost less.

There's a built-in anesthetic, to reduce discomfort from the injections and speed up recovery.

"I had it done late in the evening, and I was able to go back to work the next day," said Kelli.

And that frowning look her son noticed is gone.

"He actually told me the other day I looked good," she said.

Friends and co-workers thought Kelli looked better, but she hasn't told them what it was - until now.

Because the mouth is always in motion, wrinkles and lines around them mouth are notoriously difficult to smooth, so doctors say a longer lasting filler is a big advance.
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