New treatment for an enlarged prostate

For many men, an enlarged prostate can be a major problem.

Medications may stop working and surgery can have lasting side effects.

Now, there's a new FDA-approved treatment on the scene, using a surprisingly simple principle.

"I'd actually have to get off the road and find a place because there are no rest stops along Route 55," Paul Sutton of Dennis Township, NJ said.

Sutton hasn't liked road trips for years - even the drive to Philadelphia from his South Jersey home.

After medications failed, he looked for something new, and found Dr. Andrew Hirsh, who uses a new, procedure called UroLift.

"There's no cutting, there's no removal of tissue, there's no heat," Dr. Hirsh said.

Instead, it mechanically moves enlarged prostate tissue out of the way, with tiny anchors.

"Within two weeks, most patients are back to where they were, and the vast majority are markedly improved," Hirsh said.

Three weeks after his procedure, Sutton drove to Florida without the frequent rest stops.

UroLift is covered by Medicare and many insurance plans.

For more information, see or Jersey Urology Group.
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