Consumer Alert: Once-banned magnets landing kids in the hospital

Tiny magnets that were banned several years ago are back on the market, but this time without a warning label.

The colorful magnets look like fun, but doctors warn they're dangerous for little ones.

Portland Mom Krystal Mundy says the powerful tiny magnets put her son, Jason, in the hospital.

"We thought they're going to pass, they'll stay together and then maybe he would pass them. All of a sudden the next thing I know is he's getting put into an ambulance," she said.

The X-Rays showed five magnets inside his intestines.

Doctors say they can pull together with enough force to cause serious and life threatening damage to the digestive system.

The toy association released a statement saying these powerful magnets are intended for adults not children and are not subject to the same strict standards that regulate toys.
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