Procedure could free you from reading glasses

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Now, a new procedure could free them from the glasses.

It happens to millions of people as they get older, they need reading glasses to see close-up and many will tell it's an inconvenience.

Now, a new procedure could free them from the glasses.

It's called the Kamra Inlay.

The inlay is a small plastic disc, about a third the size of a contact lens, and a quarter the thickness of a human hair.

It's implanted into the cornea.

Then, it blocks unfocused light and only allows focused rays of light which means people can see clearly distance and close-up.

It takes about 20 minutes and patients go home afterward.

For 51-year-old Donna Glenn, who was always losing her glasses, she says it was worth it.

"Working on the computer, I can see recipes, can read food labels, I don't even know where my glasses are and I don't care. I'm very happy," Glenn said.

It's a reversible procedure, but a patient's vision may not go back to where it was after the inlay is removed.

It costs about $5,000 and typically isn't covered by insurance.
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