What's the Deal: Quick summer skin treatment; exclusive discount for 6abc viewers

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- From fine lines to acne scarring to discoloration and pigmentation, if you're looking for a summer skin pick-me-up - we found the latest treatment you can do during your lunch hour.

"You can do this during your lunch break," says Robby Nelson, a clinical aesthetician at Deme in Center City. "You can do this the morning of an event and you are going to look great that evening."

It's the new, quick treatment they say will make your skin look like it went on vacation.

"You are going to have literally a glow to your skin and moisture beyond belief," says Nelson.

Mesotherapy takes a lighter approach to the popular microneedling.

"It's a new way of delivering these nutrients to the skin in a quick form without breaking the skin, which is why the down time is so minimal," Nelson explains. "It's really hylauronic acid which is the basis of all moisture in your body and other nutrients and vitamins to help the skin plump itself to rejuvenate."

Nelson after just one treatment, you can forget the Instagram filters!

"This is a living filter," he says. "You will not need a filter after this."

"My skin felt so hydrated afterwards," says Jen Troped, who had the treatment. "I had less fine lines and I felt refreshed."

This gentle microneedling is safe for all spots, even the tender areas like the skin beneath the eyes and the lips.

There's no numbing, and no pain. Troped says it feels like a little tickle.

And it's not just for the face.

"People do the neck, the knees, even hands, " Nelson says. " You can use it for any body part that needed tightening, toning or just moisture delivery."

The effects last about two weeks.

Once the session is over, you can resume all of your summer activities. Just be sure to wear sunscreen.

Deme is offering our viewers 20% off up to 6 sessions and a special discount on sunscreen.

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