Radio personality Patty Jackson shares stroke story to save other women

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Still recovering from her stroke, Patty Jackson raises awareness for American Heart Month. (WPVI)

Tuesday is not only Groundhog Day, but also the second day of American Heart Month.

For a well-known radio personality, this month marks the start of a new mission: to help the American Heart Association raise awareness about heart disease.

And she's sharing her story, to save other women.

52-year-old Patty Jackson has been on the radio for 33 years.

Her voice is smooth but energetic, just like she is.

But this past November -

"I really think everything came down on me," Patty recalled.

She fell November 11, but didn't think much of it, then -

"I noticed that my right side kept getting weaker and weaker and weaker," she said.

However, she still didn't stop.

"I just kept going because that's my nature, keep going," she added.

It would take her two days to get to the doctor. That's when she learned she had suffered a stroke.

"I couldn't believe it. I was like no, no way!" Patty said, recalling her shock.

Patty was sidelined for nearly two months.

And she had a lot to do in recovery.

She had to learn to walk again and to hold a pen.

She's still working to strengthen her right side and trying to get her full vision back.

She now believes stress played a big role.

Two weeks before the stroke, her mother passed away.

She had been taking care of her, while also raising her son and working full time.

"Women, gotta take care of ourselves because we want to be super women, we want to do it all," she remarked to listeners during an on-air discussion we had.

She's thrilled to be back at work now.

She is drinking more water, has lightened her load, and she tells other women - hit the pause button.

"Pay attention to the signs, don't wait, don't keep going. Stop and say something is wrong," Patty emphasized.

And this is the easy way to remember the warning signs.

F - Face drooping

A - Arm weakness

S - Speech difficulty

T - Time to call 9-1-1

Even if you are not sure a stroke is occurring, it is best to get checked out right away.

For more on taking care of your heart, check out the American Heart Association.
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