Smartphone apps can improve health

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Sometimes smartphones get a bad reputation. (WPVI)

Sometimes smartphones get a bad reputation.

They can lead to distracted people or people taking too many selfies.

But they can also help improve your health.

Health apps that are designed to help you eat healthier or exercise or even quit smoking do appear to work.

In a report by the American Heart Association, researchers looked at more than 200 studies that used mobile or internet technology.

They found almost 70-percent of obesity apps helped people lose weight.

More than 75-percent of other apps helped people be more active, quit smoking and limit alcohol use.

A lot of it comes down to making you more accountable and aware of your habits.

If you track your steps, you'll be motivated to move more.

If you count calories, an app will help you think twice about what you eat.

And if you're trying to quit smoking, an online program can give you extra support.
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