Smoking costs $1.4 million over average lifetime

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Many people make a New Year's resolution to stop smoking.

And a new survey might give them more incentive!

Smoking hurts your health and your wallet.

So, the staffers at the decided to find out what it costs over a lifetime.

Due to prices it varies state-by-state.

In Pennsylvania, the average smoker spends $1,436,403.

In Delaware, the costs are even higher - $1,492,717, on average.

But New Jersey is the most expensive state in our region. There, an average smoker will spend $1,874,155.

These numbers include buying tobacco itself but also medical expenses and lost income due to smoking-related illnesses.

Alaska came in as the most expensive, at more than $2 million dollars.

South Carolina was the least expensive, at just over $1 million dollars.

60 million Americans smoke cigarettes. The hope is this survey will encourage more to quit. null
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