'Sober Curious' movement growing in popularity

A new movement is growing in popularity around the country.

It involves people going out to bars and enjoying cocktails, without alcohol.

But this is not about addiction, it's about being "sober curious."

Studies show that a third of people want to drink less, some because of regret or embarrassment, others for health reasons, yet they feel uncomfortable socializing sober.

And that has led to more and more businesses looking to cater to those exploring options for a night on the town, without the booze.

For example, all the drinks at "Listen Bar" in New York have little to no alcohol, even the shots.

The author of the book "Sober Curious" says limited alcohol is a logical step for many health-conscious people who are already mindful about eating well and exercising.

In fact, she says a lot of us were embracing the "sober curious" movement without even intending to with "Dry January."
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