SoulCycle comes to Ardmore, provides holistic experience

ARDMORE, Pa. (WPVI) -- A unique spinning studio is now open on the Main Line.

SoulCycle has a cult-like following in cities like New York and Los Angeles.

Now, it's come to a city near you.

It was an enthusiastic crowd inside the new Soul Cycle in Ardmore.

Riders lined up, filling three rows of tightly-packed bikes for a 45-minute, high-energy spinning class.

But you're not just pedaling, you're also pumping and pushing, using your whole body including your arms and abs.

And while you know you're working hard, the whole experience can also feel like a party.

And the instructor Alexis Rose seems like a rock star.

"We ride to the rhythm of the music," said fellow instructor Ryan Lewis.

Lewis says there's also a strong sense of community.

"Because everyone is riding on the same foot at the same time, and moving their body in the same way," said Lewis. "There's that connection."

And he says because it's dark, there's a feeling of freedom. You won't feel self-conscious or intimidated.

That also adds to the mental or spiritual component.

"Even when you have someone telling you, you can't, you do it," said Rose.

As instructors motivate and inspire you to find your inner athlete and become a warrior, many first-timers say it's clear to see why some people become addicted to Soul Cycle.

"The room is full of energy," said Dennis Psimaris. "It's just overwhelming and exciting, and when you're down, it just picks you up."

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