South Jersey fitness center offers water therapy, exercise

MT. LAUREL, N.J. (WPVI) -- Jay Stillman is working on his strokes, training for his next triathlon.

He first came to ProSwim Fitness in South Jersey to learn how to swim better and longer distances. It was his first time in an endless pool. He says it mimics open-water swimming.

"At first it feels a little weird because you're having water come at you, and you're staying in place as you're swimming," said Stillman. "But after a while, you get a feel for it. And as your stroke gets better, you can actually increase the speed," said Stillman.

Patti Ann Finch, co-owner of ProSwim, says the flow is set to a certain resistance. Swimmers can decide how fast they want to move.

Or they can walk or run on an underwater treadmill.

For people like Stillman, they also have an underwater camera and coaches.

"The coach tells you what to fix, and you're instantly getting feedback to work on," said Finch.

"I can swim a quarter mile to a half mile now, which I couldn't even swim for 30 seconds before," said Stillman.

In terms of a workout, Finch says, "Swimming is one of the best calorie burners you can do, and without all the impact on your body."

And because there's little impact, the pools are also used for rehabilitation.

Mia Citerone, 15, is working with Breakthrough Physical Therapy.

She and her teammates from the Lenape Swim Team were in a bus accident in December.

She hurt her right hip and wrist.

"I have nerve damage in my thumb down to my wrist," said Citerone.

She says pool therapy has helped her and her friends slowly get back on track, and back on top.

"It's not only about getting back. It's about getting better," said Citerone.


Wet Training Price Guide:

30-minute session

Drop in - $45
4 pak - $162
8 pak - $306
12 pak - $432

60-minute session
Drop in - $85
4 pak - $306
8 pak - $578
12 pak - $816 null
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