Unique South Jersey gym helps young athletes reach full potential

WEST BERLIN, N.J. (WPVI) -- A unique gym in South Jersey is helping student athletes get in top shape.

It involves conditioning and also flexibility exercises - all designed for each individual student and designed to help prevent injuries.

For some, it may be the off-season. For others, they're gearing up to go back on the field.

This isn't your typical gym, nor are these typical athletes. Many are elite student athletes in middle school, high school and college with some even hoping to go pro.

They're working on speed, strength and also mobility.

Keith Scott is owner of Impact Training and Fitness in West Berlin, New Jersey. He combines his sports medicine background with sports performance.

"If you are in a sport and trying to up your performance, this is where you come do it," he said.

Everyone here works out together, but they're following their own specific program.

Exercises are tailored for different sports and even different positions.

19-year-old Mike Vasturia is a college baseball pitcher. He says Impact Training helped him throw faster and safer which is helping him prevent any injuries.

"Just like going to games longer too and the next day, I feel better because I am better conditioned and healthy," said Vasturia.

But they don't just cater to baseball.

"It's a full gamut here. We train field hockey, lacrosse - both boys and girls, basketball, wrestling. We have a big football population," said Scott.

20-year-old Christine Etter used to play lacrosse and soccer. Now in college, she's wants to stay in shape.

She says she wasn't very strong when she started. But now, things have changed.

"It's a really good thing for your confidence and I just feel better overall, like mentally and physically," she said.

Scott says everyone starts slow by learning proper technique and although many kids here compete during the school year, at Impact they're on the same team.

"That's one of my favorite things about coming here. The whole impact family vibe we have," said Scott.

And he also says younger kids start out just doing body weight exercises. Every student starts with a full assessment.

They also have a program just for baseball. And he runs bootcamps for adults as well.

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