Special Report: Finding the key to happiness

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Some psychologists say there is a growing trend of Americans feeling stressed out and not content with their lives.

Behavioral therapist Steven Rosenberg says lately many people just aren't happy.

For some, it's tragic world events like shootings and terrorism.

For others, it's constant workload, money or relationship problems.

"They look at things and they say, 'I'm not satisfied with where I am today,'" Rosenberg said.

Kevin Kaufmann is a successful business owner. He founded Property Adjustment Corporation in Doylestown in 1989 and was never off the clock.

But as time passed, while his business was booming, his personal life was tanking.

"The unfortunate part about it is you don't live in the moment when you are like that because you are always thinking about what's the next thing you have to do, what's the next deadline," Kaufmann said.

He knew something's got to give. So he started doing hypnosis with Dr. Rosenberg.

Rosenberg helps people figure out what they want in life then teaches self-hypnosis.

With guided a CD, Kevin listens to his affirmations, or goals, daily.

"When you actually do the self-hypnosis, you are seeing the affirmations in your mind, you are feeling them in your body," Rosenberg said.

He says with this, they go to your subconscious mind and that helps make your goals your reality.

"It's like a compass. It gives you direction," Kaufmann said.

Dr. Rosenberg offers other tips to increase your happiness.

1. Get rid of negativity: Whether it's a toxic relationship or your own thoughts

"When you start thinking negatively, you have no chance of ever doing something positive," Rosenberg said.

2. Stay in the moment: This is one he tells athletes he's worked with in the past

3. Give back: Volunteer

4. Get back to nature: It can help calm the mind

5. Limit social media

"Try to your best to put down your phone," Rosenberg said.

He says in some cases, people can feel 'social media envy,' seeing other people's posts can make you feel negative about your life. In that case, he says keep things in perspective.

"It's just a millisecond of their lives, very often they're doing the same thing you are doing," Rosenberg said.

For Kevin, he says the changes he's made have made him happier.

He delegates more work, plays in a band for charity events, and spends quality time with his grandson.

Other tips include getting enough sleep, exercise, spending time with people you like to spend time with like family or friends, and getting rid of clutter.

Dr. Rosenberg says when your house is cluttered, your mind is also cluttered. And one of the keys to happiness is having a clear mind.

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