Study: 17,000 children injured by strollers each year

For parents, using a stroller may seem like second nature. But there is a surprising number of injuries reported every year.

For Justin and Lauren Bird, life is busy with 2-year-twins. They rely on their double stroller to get their boys around, but they recently learned how quickly things can go array.

"When I wasn't watching him, he climbed up on the stroller and stood up on it and then trying to climb up the back, he transferred his weight and it just tipped over, onto his face," said Justin.

Those types of injuries are more common than you may think.

A study by Nationwide Children's Hospital shows more than 17,000 kids are sent to the emergency room every year due to stroller or car carrier injuries.

Most are minor injuries, but some include concussions or brain injuries.

Doctors say make sure the product you are using hasn't been recalled and that it's the right size and fit for your child.

Also, "We want children to remain buckled and properly secured at all times and we want parents to avoid the temptation to put heavy bags on a stroller as that could cause it to tip over," said Kristi Roberts from Nationwide Children's Hospital.
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