Study: Treating brain cancer with a virus

New research shows a virus may be the key to stopping an aggressive type of brain tumor.

In a study, scientists are testing a live virus, which carries a special gene. It's injected into the tumor, known as glioblastoma.

The gene makes tumor cells more sensitive to a newly-created medication.

After the medication reaches brain cells infected with the virus, it turns into a powerful chemotherapy.

"The medication that is given is relatively non-toxic to normal human cells, and it's only cells that have this gene that can convert it into a toxic chemotherapy," said Dr. Michael Vogelbaum, Cleveland Clinic Neurosurgeon.

Early tests with a few patients show the therapy is safe.

And for at least one patient, it's been incredibly effective.

It's held his cancer at bay for more than 2 years.

With conventional treatment, many times survival is usually measured in months, not years. null
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