Tattling is normal for kids, but why do they do it?

Almost every parent has heard the words,"I'm Telling," from their kids. A psychologist explains why it's a normal part of a child's development.

She says kids learn what isn't appropriate, but they may not be able to problem-solve yet, so they reach out to adults for help.

Parents might also reinforce this by giving more attention, not to the child being told on, but the child doing the telling.

But as kids get older, they learn to solve problems on their own, so tattling should dwindle.

Parents can work with kids to curb tattling, but they should make sure kids feel comfortable telling an adult when something isn't right.

"We want children to be prepared to know how to respond in a serious safety event. So whether that's somebody doing something to them, or if they see somebody else being harmed. We want them to know that those are appropriate things they should speak up about," says Kate Eshleman, a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic.

Kids also learn different levels of what's "fair" growing up.

As they get older, they're able to tolerate more.
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