Teens suspended for sharing asthma inhaler at school

GARLAND, Texas (WPVI) -- A pair of 7th graders in the Dallas, Texas, area have been suspended from school, because one allowed the other to use her asthma inhaler during an attack.

Alexis Kyle was gasping for breath in gym class, when her friend Indiyah Rush offered her an inhaler.

But that resulted in a trip to the principal's office, a suspension, and an order for Indiyah to spend 30 days at an alternative school.

School officials say the inhaler sharing violates school policy against sharing controlled substances, like prescription drugs.

They say the suspension is an automatic punishment when controlled substances are involved.

And they say asthma inhalers aren't one-size-fits-all and it was risky for Alexis to use Indiyah's inhaler.

The girls and their families say they understand the need for rules, but this punishment is excessive.

"I'm getting in trouble, too. She just tried to help me," says Alexis.

Indiyah, who has suffered from asthma since she was 5, adds, "Asthma gets worse every second."

"The little girl saved her life," says Michael Green, Alexis' stepfather.

"The reason we say that is because we have been in situations where we've been in the ICU, so I know how serious her asthma can be," added Green.

Both girls are honor roll students and the suspension could hurt their records.

Alexis says she wonders what school officials would do if their child was in her place?
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