Today's Tip: Fighting workplace inertia and more

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Join Ali Gorman for To Your Health with Today's Tip. (WPVI)

Join Ali Gorman for To Your Health with Today's Tip.

A recent study shows more overweight Americans are giving up on losing weight.

Researchers at Georgia Southern University studied more 27,000 Americans.

Of those that were obese or overweight -- 49 percent said they have attempted weight loss in the past year.

That's down from 56 percent in 1988.

Researchers believe the drop is because it has become more socially acceptable to be overweight.

Eating foods with soy may help some women battling breast cancer.

Researchers followed more than 6,000 patients for nine years to analyze their intake of iso-flavone, that's a compound in soy products.

Women who ate the most soy were 21-percent less likely to die than women who ate the least.

It may be that soy has a protective effect, but this was only seen in women whose cancer is *negative for hormone receptors.

And Today's Tip says if you find yourself sitting at work all day, and you don't have a standing desk to use, try to get up and move every 45 minutes.

You can even use the break to multi-task by walking to the water fountain to grab a drink, or grabbing your cell phone so you can walk and talk.

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