Virtua Health System celebrates 10-year fitness challenge

Virtua Health System is celebrating their 10th annual Fitness Challenge.

That first year they only had 200 people sign up. This year, they have almost 1,000 people participating.

Many say it motivates them to get moving.

"We're just trying to get people motivated," said Andrew Faupel, Vitua Fitness Challenge Coordinator.

Faupel says the program started as a walking challenge, but now it's expanded to include all types of fitness.

"Walking, running, biking, swimming, group exercise time, strength training, yoga," said Faupel.

An online program converts time to miles.

Some also wear fitness trackers, and others can map their distance.

"That was my first competitive race," said Elliott Wilson, Virtua employee.

Wilson has participated in all 10 yearly challenges and says it kick-started his journey. Each year, he challenges himself with a new goal.

"So I did a 5K, a half marathon, I did a full marathon," said Wilson.

Now he's doing triathlons. The challenge puts you up against people at similar levels of fitness and on different teams.

"To see your name on the leader board of who's got the most miles under their belt, I check on that every day," said Wilson, adding he's a little competitive.

The competitive angle also caught Kim Snively. She lost 30 pounds in a previous challenge through diet and exercise. Her secret to getting her workouts in is a bit unique.

"I go to bed in my workout clothes," said Snively.

CEO of Virtua, Richard Miller, says it's important for all companies - not just health-based - to promote wellness.

"If people are healthier, they have more energy and are going to be more productive naturally," said Miller.

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