'I shouldn't really be here': Woman learns to sing again after infection takes legs, hand and voice

Last summer, Felicia Gussman of North Texas caught an infection after a hospital visit.

"When I woke up I couldn't talk whatsoever," says Gussman.

Doctors told her husband she only had 48 hours to live. She lost her legs and a hand, but somehow survived.

Still, she had to overcome something else--she lost her voice. A vocal flap remained paralyzed after she woke from a coma.

She kept her faith, and one day when she awoke, her voice was back.

"I shouldn't really be here. I'm very blessed and lucky to still have a life," said Gussman.

With help from therapy, she is making great progress in her recovery.

And now, she's using her voice to inspire others to stay positive.
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